What do we offer?

The world as we know it is changing. This very minute. We understand that people are consuming media and forming opinions about your brand at the click of a button. While building a brand takes time you need to keep the communication thread alive and vibrant and ensure that relevant messages are shared at the right time and at regular intervals. We also believe that a lot of thought and care needs to be taken when it comes to forming opinions and building equity for you via these messages. Wait! Did we just go all jargon on you? Yes, we did. You see, we love creating comprehensive solutions (however niche the market) by strategizing and implementing campaigns across on-line and off-line media. And all of this, with a focus on creating the perfect image and desired perception about your brand.

Nucleus helps you address complex media issues and navigate the intricacies of the media world via services that ensure that your communication objectives are met effectively within a specified timeline. With deep-rooted understanding anchored with practical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry the team we aim to please.

Holistic Public Relations Campaigns | 

People listen. They observe. Form opinions and take decisions. We simply understand what clicks. We could write paragraphs and essays on this but we recommend you speak to us about this.

Reputation & Image Management | 

Identities used to be built over time. Used to. Today, it’s much faster. And yet slower for some. Some things take time and then some don’t. We understand that and tailor make communication plans to suit your needs.

Project Activation | 

Sometimes you just need a burst of visibility to give your business a boost. We help you gain the maximum impact within a specified timeline to ensure you get the highest returns from it.

Online Reputation Management | 

You cannot ignore it and you certainly cannot escape it but you can definitely choose where you want to be seen and how. We design very focused programs that are tailor-made to suit your needs and reach out and engage your customers on relevant online networking platforms.

Crisis Management | 

There are days (and allow us to say this) you wish you were not so popular. Well, we specialize in building effective communication channels and come packed with sound research, experience and a tenacity to fight for your cause.

Editorial Services | 

Getting the written communication right for the media is as important as the spoken one. We get to the crux of the matter and put forth engaging communique that speak to and make sense to your target audience.

Media Monitoring, Analysis & Research | 

So you got a lot of media visibility. Great! How do you make sense of it? How do you leverage it for your business? We monitor and also make sense of the column centimeters, clicks, circulation, readership, viewership and listenership data for you and your business.

Media Training | 

Let’s face it. Sticking your neck out in front of an audience who you don’t quite know and are unsure about its reactions, can be a daunting task. Allow us to simplify and un-complicate. Our media training is designed keeping one thing in mind. You!

Consumer Connect | 

When you meet a key influencer of your business you gain more & more insight, more reach and more focused possibilities of connecting with your target audience via them. A personal meet where you can educate a core audience about your business is just so much more better and tangible. We design focused sessions for your business with key influencers that are important for you.

Advertorial Services | 

Media is changing so and so is editorial space. Keeping pace with the times we advise and identify the right opportunities for you to create more visibility for you in the most credible manner. Yes, we also negotiate and close the deal for you along with creating content for it.

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