Who are we?

Welcome to Nucleus Public Relations. Modestly speaking, we are one of the most awesome PR companies that you have simply not heard about as yet. Yet, our work finds its way into places where it matters. Through stories that connect. For us, PR is at the core of creating opinions, changing mindsets and building brand identities. That is why we are called so. You know what else is at the core? You! Your needs, your brand & results for you!

With customized offerings and a passion for excellence we work closely with our clients to put together plans that are in harmony with their goals. Every project is treated as an opportunity to break new ground and help you create relevant visibility and earn credibility via a balanced mix of media and non-media initiatives.

An important brand building element, our team excels at identifying your key objectives, putting together a meticulous and relevant Public Relations plan of action combining new age media with traditional forms of publicity thus giving you an unbeatable winning combination.

Nucleus is now part of the PR Boutiques International – a prestigious worldwide collaborative network of PR firms. We are the first members from the Asian sub-continent to be added to it. With this new addition, we now add brilliant minds from 40 agencies across 13 countries to our resource pool.

excellence is our nucleus

Address: # 409, Westminster, 2nd Floor, 13, Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore – 560052. Karnataka – India

Email: info@nucleuspr.in

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