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7 key questions to answer before you start creating your online personal brand

7 key questions to answer before you start creating your online personal brand

– Team Nucleus PR

At any given point of time there will be five people in your industry you admire and follow. These professionals did not build their online personal brand overnight. It took time, dedicated effort, and consistent evolution of their story for them to win your admiration. Especially if they are not in front of the camera singing you a song or story. It takes conscious and mindful effort to craft a persona that reflects who you are which draws industry attention while letting you remain human. Impressive feat! And they all started as novices. You can start your journey on a personal brand today irrespective of the stage of your career. It’s your brand. It’s your story. Start today.  

But before you embark on your personal branding journey, these are 7 questions you must answer to get it right on the first attempt :

Why: Why do you want to create a personal brand answers and sets your goal. Define this and keep evaluating this as you evolve your story.

What: What do you want to say? Do you have an essential element of your industry you want to address? What are the quirks, tonality, and bent of mind that will set the content apart pushing it into thought leadership zone? Answering this will you evaluate content you want to put up.  

Where: Which platform is relevant for you that intersects with your why, what and the industry that you are in. Answer this to arrive at the right platform for you.

Who: Who else is on this platform? Are there any established thought leaders already present?

When: When do you want to start on the platform and with what frequency will help you decide the pace that you want to develop the personal brand at.

How: Static images, videos, memes, reels, voice overs – what is your preferred style of communication? Answer this to understand what will be the dominant content.


Use the above as a personal checklist that will help you evaluate the relevance of your online personal brand and keep evolving it to the next level. We at Nucleus PR can guide you through the creation of your online personal brand on a platform of your choice. Connect with us on info@nucleuspr.in and set up an appointment to explore the possibilities.

About Nucleus PR

The 13-year old firm has clients across multiple verticals. With an already established presence in 4 major metros, they have successfully created a strong affiliate network across 88 towns across the country via a team of trusted professional experts. With its inclusion in the exclusive and prestigious worldwide collaborative network of PR firms – PRBI Boutiques International, it adds brilliant minds from over 40 agencies across 14 countries to their resource pool. As the first members from the Asian sub-continent, they represent the entire region in the prestigious international PR network. Their current portfolio includes entertainment, lifestyle, media, hospitality and corporate clients across MNCs, SMEs, and Startups.

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