10 Great tips for hosting a successful LIVE session

Tarunjeet Rattan 

Hosting a live is a tricky endeavor especially when you have no control over the questions or if you are hosting a difficult subject. But it is not impossible.  Here are 10 tips that will help you plan and host a successful live session.  

  1. Set an objective: This is essential without which the whole session can fall apart. Set a clear objective and define the subject matter that you want you want to address. Once you have this sorted out the rest of the elements will fall in place. 
  2. Define your target audience: Based on the above, identify the target audience you want to reach out to. This will help you decide what kind of audience mix you would like to promote the live session too.    
  3. Subject matter expert: Select an SME who has established credibility, is an accomplished speaker, and can hold her / his calm in a provoking situation. 
  4. One or two-person live?:  Based on how much moderation is required you can decide on a 1 or 2 person live. 
  5. Platform: The subject you want to address and the number of participants in the live will help you identify and decide the platform that you want to host it on. The demographic or the number of members you have on a platform can also be relevant factors to be considered.  
  6. Promotion: Social media amplification is critical to the success of a good live. Put together a good pre, event, and post-promotion plan. Use Instagram and Facebook stories, posts on LinkedIn and Twitter, Emailers, and short video teasers that can help build up towards the session.
  7. Prep:  Take some time to prepare your SME on the live. Go over the basic do’s and don’ts on tonality, content, and body language along with framing, background, and lighting. (see above blog) 
  8. Moderate: Help your SME moderate the conversation on a tricky subject. Keep an eye on the time and pick out questions for them to address that help move the conversation forward. 
  9. Place Questions: You can place a couple of questions in the audience and ask them at regular intervals. This helps in moving the conversation forward and / or keeping the conversation on track. It also aids in getting the SME into a flow and get over the initial anxiety if any.   
  10. End note: Always end the live on time and take a few minutes to say thank you to the SME and viewers. Use this time to add something of value for the viewers. If you can update them on the next live or how you plan to continue the conversation forward and onto other platforms.  

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