2020: The Year of Change

– Tarunjeet Rattan

No doubt, 2020 year has been a roller coaster of a ride. It was a year that challenged all of us to change. As a team we …

    ✔Pivoted from a traditional agency model to a hybrid model
    ✔Moved out of our comfort zones & took on new verticals
    ✔Strengthened our foothold in owned media along with earned media
    ✔Launched our podcast – All About PR
    ✔Launched the Leadership personal branding vertical  
    ✔Upskilled at a rapid pace
    ✔Prioritized wellness above all
    ✔Grew the business through perseverance
    ✔Created innovating ways of creating brand reputation  
    ✔Focused shift towards working with mindful brands and individuals
    ✔Rewrote the PR rule book with a dollop of innovation  

But more than ever, what I will remember about this year :

❤ The team that pulled in closer to support each other
❤ Peers in the industry who joined me to create camaraderie in the communication industry
❤ Friends who became business partners
❤ Individual professionals in client teams who trusted us to build their reputation
❤ Peers who shared and offered advice to help each other from all over the world
❤ New friends who came together for a mission
❤ PR entrepreneurs who selflessly offered to step in & stood by me when I was drowning
❤ An awesome team who believe in me and clients who trust me and my team
❤ A business in PR that is thriving that I am grateful for every single day

I take back from 2020 invaluable friendships & love that will warm my heart in the days ahead. May you be so lucky as to have so many beautiful friendships in 2021.

Onward and upward to 2021.

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