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5 best collaboration tools for remote teams!

5 best collaboration tools for remote teams!

– Tarunjeet Rattan

‘Work from home’ is officially here. Teams spread all over the city or country will now have different hours and schedules. While we need to protect ourselves from the ongoing epidemic via social isolation, work must go on. For that, teams need to be able to collaborate in real time and get the work done. To ensure your teamwork is seamless, here are our top picks that we use to work with remote teams. These will help you get organized quickly before your team decides to invest in a collaboration tool for remote teams on a more permanent basis.

Basecamp: A very handy real-time communication tool that helps teams stay on the same page; You can access this on your browser or via an app on your phone. It provides you with tools you need to set up a schedule, create and upload files, to-do lists, message and chat and check in with your group – all on the same platform. If you work on international time zones, this is a very handy tool as it has worldwide acceptability.

Skype / Zoom Video Calls: While you can enjoy the imposed isolation, a bit of live human interaction will liven up the day. Face to face video calls on your laptop or via the app is very convenient. You can set up meetings and discuss the task at hand with a smile or frown.

WhatsApp groups: India is very fond of them. Call in for a brainstorming session or just a fun goofing off hour on the group and while everyone chimes in with ideas, you have the option of bringing it alive with gifs! This is a good replacement for the sessions at the chai adda.

Google Drives: Life is easier with google! Always. Storing files on the drive give teams across cities to work on a file with you without the constant back and forth on emails. Collaborate on files and presentations on the drive and download the final version for use. With inboxes hardly clogging up and no missing files on emails, this means lesser calls to the IT guy.

Google Calendar: This one deserves a special mention. We manage a lot of our time schedules via google calendars. Online and offline meetings and calls are better managed with no overlaps when it is keyed in and all parties are invited for the call. The reminder option also ensures that you are always ready.

Miro: The colorful board and post it make it easier to work on projects together. Sticky notes, charts, arrows, shapes etc add to the feel. Plus, it is very easy to use. It’s like having a board in real time. It allows you three free board templates before it moves into the paid version so use your three wishes judiciously.

Go ahead … use them. The free versions will help you tide over in a crisis. We hope these tools work as well for you as they have for us.

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