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De-Mystified – Information Consumption Habits Of Millennials !

De-Mystified - Information Consumption Habits Of Millennials !

The Millennials or Generation Y to some… or simply Generation WE or as I like to call us… Generation ME, ME,ME… ! They have a wide-ranging variety of names that refers to them ! By definition, a generation who was born roughly from the 1980-2000 fall under the term ‘MILLENNIALS’. The target of every consumer, lifestyle or tech brand they want to know what makes us tick. They also want to know where we get our information from. While I believe that every individual is unique in his/ her own right , there is a broad set of characteristics that set us apart from the previous alphabetical generations. One of the key characteristics is how we consume our news. Contrary to popular belief that we are apathetic to the world around us, I believe, in fact, we are very involved… more so than any generation. We are thoroughly connected and are more involved in what makes news and what is news. Our lives revolve around staying connected. We are consumed by the need ‘to know’… more and more. I have listed down four of my favorite forums where I get my daily dose of news from.

How do they consume information?

Opinion boards:

These are a favorite. When we see one we connect to it. This generation is characterized by strong beliefs and opinions and we don’t shy away from expressing it. So YOU need to engage us on these platforms too, and have a two way conversation if you want us to notice you. There are various platforms where you can find our strong opinions and thoughts on issues that matter to us. Platforms such as quora, multiple discussion groups on Facebook, change, swipe to name a few.


We admire multitasking and believe it is the new energy source. We welcome opinions from bloggers who are in the field and like we have a strong opinion to express. We trust them because they are at the source. So YOU need to curate a list of bloggers, who are respected by us and who will give us the right information.

Social Media:

The urge to connect to more and more people and explore is stronger than ever. This is why, perhaps this generation has a strong presence and is effectively able to utilize social networks for information. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are our second home. You will often hear them quoting, ‘I saw this on Facebook’… ‘According to a tweet by… ‘This image on Insta proves…’ or ‘ Did you catch that on Snapchat…’. So YOU need to make content that is more shareable on social media, snack-able, 140 characters and pictorial or in 15 Sec videos!

News Apps:

I like the feel, touch and smell of a newspaper or the luxury of sitting in front of a TV and take in the news while sipping a cuppa. But lets face it, do we have the time? I would rather be out, hanging out with my friends. But I need to and I am updated on the news around me. Thankfully, apps by various international, national newspapers and news aggregators ensures we are up to date. YOU need to be on the snack-able stories shared by these apps if you want our attention.

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