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Is all innovation creative ?

Is all innovation creative ?

‘Innovation is the only way to win’ – Steve Jobs

I agree with the above. Is all innovation really creative? Yes. But is the creativity in innovation relevant? Is it intelligent? Is it needed? Not always.
To truly be deemed an ‘innovation’ it has to be relevant. Today. It has to solve a real issue. Today.

While the effort, intention and courage to innovate has to be applauded, all innovation must be viewed through the lens of market realities and customer expectations. When it meets these expectations then it is relevant innovation that seeks to simplify life or add a new dimension to our thinking or solve a real issue and not a manufactured one. I am not a believer of innovation for the heck of innovation. E.g., changing the color of a presentation from blue to red is not innovation but when you look at innovating to get the message out in a creative way that is more impactful and relevant than the currently used strategies … that is innovative creativity.

In PR, these lenses become even more crucial. While our tools are limited, our intelligence and imagination is boundless. It can be used in several ways to not only get the desired results but exceed it. I see a lot of creativity being deployed, but the intelligence to call it innovation rests with a select few. A company at any stage has to experiment with it and devote some time to it to stay ahead of the curve. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient tomorrow as well. In today’s rapidly changing times, we have to innovate to bring about progress in the business. But it has to be tempered with learning and understanding the challenges and issues faced by the industry so that you can innovate to address it. As one of my favorite motivators puts it, “Innovation is not born from the dream. Innovation is born from the struggle” – Simon Sinek. What is the struggle that you are trying to address or solve with the innovation and how effectively is it doing the job?

Tarunjeet Rattan
Managing Partner
Nucleus PR

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