Managing Relationships in PR

Tarunjeet Rattan

Mutual trust & respect are two essential elements for a thriving relationship in any business. In Public Relations this is a norm across the agency network. We work on these two currencies across city, state and country borders creating robust work networks. Conflict exists here too like any other industry, but the repercussions of this conflict are much more severe and can impact, make or break reputations. These become more severe when you include brand and media network to it. One key reason for the severity of the conflict is the high-pressure nature of our jobs resulting in altercations that can blow up if they are not managed well or process to manage these are not set in place.  While these can be maintained in calm waters, its only when the storm hits pushing you into a crisis that this civility is tested.

At Nucleus PR, we are very mindful about who we work with & how we conduct ourselves. We are a happy team because all the brands we choose to associate with today, work with us as a team that has an equal say in how reputation campaigns are created & managed. However, it was not always so. We went through a learning curve ourselves. Maintaining respect & civility for all age groups, professions and designations are essential. It is not a PR requirement. It is a basic human requirement. We are very clear of the boundaries we draw. 

But every now and then, even today, we come across someone who chooses to cross that boundary. If you do face such a situation then take a peek at our top rules that will help you evaluate whether to manage the situation or remove yourself from the equation :  

☎️Stop – Put a stop to it right there and then. The first time is the only time and the last time. Voice your discomfort and let the person know that this is not ok. If you don’t speak up, the other person will assume this is acceptable behavior. Don’t tolerate it. 

☎️ Empower – This is a power you vest in each and everyone of your team members irrespective of their designation. If someone chooses to cross the line they have the authority to drop the relationship / brand / client on your behalf.

☎️ Support – Have their back. At all times. While you might analyze the situation and see best course forward… willingly choose to be on your team members side.

☎️ Escalate – Immediately. Companies on both ends that have a strong culture and HR practices will make note of it and intervene immediately. If they don’t then that is a HUGE red flag. 

☎️ Evaluate – If the situation repeats itself then you have to seriously consider replacing the person or the client. 

What would you add to that list? 

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The 13-year old firm has clients across multiple verticals. With an already established presence in 4 major metros, they have successfully created a strong affiliate network across 88 towns across the country via a team of trusted professional experts. With its inclusion in the exclusive and prestigious worldwide collaborative network of PR firms – PRBI Boutiques International, it adds brilliant minds from over 40 agencies across 14 countries to their resource pool. As the first members from the Asian sub-continent, they represent the entire region in the prestigious international PR network. Their current portfolio includes entertainment, lifestyle, media, hospitality and corporate clients across MNCs, SMEs, and Startups.

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  1. P. A .JOHN

    June 8, 2021

    It was a pleasure regarding the above article was intresteing . reflecting my last 36 years in Public Relations / Corporate Communications in diverse settings

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