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New additions to the ‘PR Plan’

New additions to the ‘PR Plan’

Tarunjeet Rattan

The world has changed. Possibly forever. That also means that consumer habits and the way they consume media have also changed. Lockdown and isolation have seen a sea change in the way consumers view brands and brand storytelling. In the last six months, the media landscape has raced to adapt to the changing market dynamics with many a fallout and many more innovations. PR teams have raced alongside as they kept pace with the changes. A resilient, agile, and smart PR team must learn to think on their feet as they absorb these changes and quickly adapt to create communication plans that are customized and flexible.

While there are a lot of changes and innovations that have been seen, we have handpicked 5 developments that are relevant for PR professionals that can be included in PR plans to make up for lost media real estate. Here is the list…explore and add them to your PR campaigns:

Digital PR: The PR industry in India has been encouraging their clients to go digital for almost a decade now with very little impact. Clients were hesitant to adapt to this as to them traditional media was still the prima donna in the plan. It earned the PR professional’s credibility with the clients as well. So, despite numbers and reports showcasing rapid digital adoption in the far corners of our country, both sides were reluctant to change and adopt a more digital focused strategy. However, the last six months has accelerated the growth of Digital PR like never before. Disruption in the supply chain of newspapers and a deep-rooted customer fear of contracting COVID via them has changed the revenue streams for many of the publications. Growth in the media and PR industry that was projected over the next ten years has taken place in six months.
If you have not already, then educate your clients about the same. No point in burying your head in the sand. Get moving on the Digital PR plan.

Collaborations: Paid or barter…both work! This will be a true test of your PR networking skills. Add a strong collaboration deliverable to your PR plan and explore both paid and barter options for your client. This could be with other brands, media houses or associations.

Owned Media: Well, this was always a given. Yet, brands and PR pros never really took charge of it. Now is the time for you to throw a spotlight on your excellent communication and writing skills. Take charge of the company blog and help your client articulate stories that captivate. Leverage your digital skills to help them understand how to amplify the same via official and personal networks.

Podcasters: This industry has truly come of age in India now. Did you know India is one of the fastest growing countries for podcasts? This is a medium that you can now grow with. Invest in customizing content for the medium for your clients and building a strong connect with podcasters. While they offer a niche audience, the audience relevance and impact are way higher than any other medium. Better still, learn more about this medium and start a podcast for your client establishing their thought leadership in their domain.

Influencers: Over the last 4-5 years the influencer market saw millions of entrants and brand money followed. Well, one followed the other. This ensured a lot of influencers turned it into a full-time profession and upped their game leading to more brands collaborating with them. The pandemic turned the industry inside out…all over again. This is the right time for you to reach out to them and help them figure out how to adapt to the new world. If they have already done that, then make sure you are the first one who knows about it and have the first movers’ advantage in leading a collaboration with them for your client. Create a win-win situation for both.

Drop us a line and let us know what other notable developments have you found to be useful for the PR industry?

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