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Press release: HOW to use this essential PR tool?

Press release: HOW to use this essential PR tool?

– Team Nucleus PR

First, let’s understand what is a press release? 

It is an official document from a company, brand, or individual that announces or gives information about a noteworthy development. This document answers the 5Ws (What, Where, When, Who, Why) and 1H (how) of the development in a specific widely acceptable format enabling complete information. Primarily created to be shared with media, it enables the journalist to know about the development and pique their interest about the company.

It is the star of the press kit.

Is it still relevant today?

Over the years the use of the press release has become more refined and nuanced. It is still the document of choice for all PR professionals to send out official information. However, the return on deliverables has changed drastically in the last decade from this very important element of the press kit.

When do you send it out?

When the development is ‘news’ worthy for the audience of the media house you are sending it out. The keyword is the definition of ‘newsworthy’ of the media outlet you are targeting.

Follow the overall media trends in the sector and then decide whether this will be relevant for the media house. While there are some developments that receive an overall ‘no’ in terms of newsworthiness you can always customize the release you want to send out to the sector you are catering.

A smart PR professional can use this with tact to pitch an individual story or a mass release with multiple pick-ups. 

What can be the expectations / ROI?

This is where the next major change has happened for the press release. Developments like innovation, important appointments, funding, investment, mergers & acquisitions, product release of an awaited product or service from a popular company, have a high probability of pick up in a mass dissemination as compared to a publication award, internal functions, internal awards, birthday parties or very industry specific innovation.  

You can use the press release to create attention for your brand with a well written document or use it to clutter the journalist’s inbox with every development in the company. The first will make you earn you respect and clicks on your email. The latter will pretty much land you in the spam folder.

Use it wisely.

As a PR professional, you must advice the client on when and how to use this essential tool. Advice your client and encourage them to occupy the first position in the news cycle instead of the second.

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