Rules of Engagement: Networking

Online networking is here to stay. Before the new normal set in, most were hesitant to join an online event especially for networking as it was draining and did not help make any real connect. But for the foreseeable future as we sort out the future of the workplace it seems online networking is here to stay. Without it you are at a disadvantage in business if you cannot take part in it or make full use of it. We have been at it a lot longer than most as we often built networks on the old telephone lines which migrated to electronic mail to social media and now online video networking events. Here are seven rules that you must know about if you want to make a success of any online networking event that you are a part of: 

  • Join early: Early bird gets the worm – true saying. Before the screen populates with endless faces and chatter, pop in to connect with the first few people who join in. They will be the ones who will remember your name.
  • Speak Up: Don’t be a silent observer . Chime in on relevant topics and ask questions.
  • Say relevant stuff: When you do, ensure you have some essential information to add. Don’t paraphrase ( it’s annoying ) and give long convoluted answers that confuses everyone. It is always a good idea to be prepared with a crisp intro and a few points pertinent to the topic of discussion so that when your turn comes you impress with your direct and impactful answers/ comments.
  • Maintain etiquette: Give someone space to complete their answers and don’t cut in or speak over someone. If you cough or have a loud dog next to you, do everyone the courtesy of putting yourself on mute. And go dressed for these meetings. It helps to put in a professional face.
  • Settings: Sit in a well-lit quiet area so that the other networking members can see and hear you well. No one cares about a garbled voice coming from a dark corner.
  • Connect on professional social media networks: After the session is over, look at connecting with interesting members you met on professional networks where you could continue the conversation.
  • Don’t ghost: Once you make a connection, set up time to speak to them more or engage them in conversation on the social media network.

As the new normal evolves so will this list. But it’s a good start…what would you add to this ?

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