Rules of Engagement: Video Calls

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Video calls across Whatsapp, google hangouts, Microsoft teams and zoom have become a norm for our workday as we continue to work from home. They is a high probability that each of these can become generic words used to describe this new common-place function of our working life.

While we now are pushing back to create boundaries between work and family, the video call has wormed its way into both segments. It connects and yet exhausts along with becoming very intrusive. The newest stress word doing the rounds is – video fatigue. And it is a real thing. So before you hit the call button here are a few rules you must follow :

  1. Schedule calls: As all of us are working from home and will be doing that for the foreseeable future. It is increasingly difficult to multitask and draw boundaries with unplanned schedules especially when they involve getting dressed and sitting in front of a camera. So, the most basic courtesy you can extend someone is to pre plan video calls in advance so that the person on the other side can be prepared for the call. It cuts down on excuses as well. 
  2. Ask before calling on video: If you must …absolutely must do a video call then ASK before calling. Don’t just hit the video button willy-nilly. The person could just about be anywhere.
  3. Keep it short: Keep an eye on the time. Staring into the camera for a longer duration with no distractions can be exhausting and can lead to a lot of anxiety. The short version of this point: Keep video calls short. Follow them up on chat groups and emails. 
  4. Finish the agenda first: Keeping all the above in mind, it helps when you stick to the agenda and wrap that up first. If there are multiple people on the video call then you need to be even more mindful of the agenda. You might be interested in Ron’s latest recipe post or want to swap notes with Priya on fitness, but the others might have better things to do. Take it offline and head to point 1 again.   
  5. Connectivity: Be in a well-connected area or bandwidth to do a video call. It irks all the other participants when they can hear only snippets of you and are more likely to see an awkward frozen face rather than your presentation.  It takes longer and beats Point 3 & 4. If you cannot do that, do a normal telephone call or go back to Point 1.

As the new normal evolves so will this list. But it’s a good start…what would you add to this?

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