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The Five PoweR Apps

The Five PoweR Apps

The world of communication is vast. Almost as vast as the world of a PR person. I might be biased since I work and love the field of PR… but to me it makes sense that a professional in this field needs to have ‘information’ at his / her fingertips, if they are to be effective. They ‘need to know’ … everything ! Having a mobile tethered to you 24 X 7 and forever checking various news sources does not leave much time to think. In today’s day and age when the media consumption habits and mediums of the audience at large is changing tracks rapidly, it is next to impossible to be completely updated. News information aside, what will set you apart as an effective PR professional ? Your reaction and presence of mind to handle that bit of news coming in to you. It is equally if not more important than procuring the news. So while there are loads of apps that are launched each day and so many to choose from, I recommend the following five apps that will help one be a successful and effective PR professional. This is my pick for the tech savvy new age PR professional … beyond the google-alerts.

Use The Power Of Apps!


There are numerous apps available in various forms and formats on different smart phones. Three of the best notes app that I would like to suggest are Evernote, Google Keep & OneNote. Download and use it effectively. While it is possible to draft and answer on an email or whatsapp draft, all of us have been the helpless victim of the ‘accidental send’ button. As a PR professional, you cannot afford to do that. Especially, if you are handling a crisis. Additionally, a PR professional’s mind is always working to churn out good ideas. So jot it down on notes and organize it before the idea flits away. You can also choose to sync it with your gmail or other mobile devices helping you manage it better. This app helps you to manage your whole schedule be it your meeting or by setting a target for particular thing or writing down the big idea for the year.

Plagiarism Checker:

This is essential. Especially when you are drafting answers on the go. You need to know the source of the stats or lines quoted. It will help you make necessary changes, advice your client better and ensure the ‘plagiarism’ tag is kept away. It guides and helps PR professionals like us to stick to the originality through a quick content percentage check. When the world of technology can ensure the safety of your write-ups, why not have the upper hand on it.

English Grammar Spell Checker:

I personally like this app but you can choose from an array of free apps in this space. Choose one that you are comfortable with. This is particularly useful when you are dealing with an industry you are not comfortable or familiar with. Getting it grammatically correct can make all the difference. At the same time, as a PR professional you are expected to send across a grammatically correct statement. But we all have our off days. Get into the habit of using one of these and the bad days are minimized. Grammar check apps have proven to make a huge difference and you must have one on the go.

News Apps:

Thankfully a lot of the media publication houses – national and international have launched news apps. Pick one that is most relevant to the set of clients you are working on and make it the most used app on your phone. For me a mix of a national and international news app works best. All that knowledge is just a click away.

Social Media Apps:

Last but not the least… Social Media Apps are the must – have apps, for the new age PR professionals. It helps you to connect with your own (media) or your client’s audience. A single click will help you reach out to the masses through updates and photos. It has proved to be very effective when managing a crisis. Facebook and twitter are essential if you are in India. You can choose to be on the others if time permits.

All the apps can be synchronized with each other easily and can be used on multifarious devices through your smart phone which again have proved to be a boon for PR professionals. You don’t need to rush to a cyber café or your nearest desk top to handle a crisis or your day to day work. You can do it at the click of a button through your phone if you have the right apps. So, don’t wait…download right away !

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