Three PR skills that are AI Proof

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Yes, AI and Chat GPT are all over the news and are becoming the next big scare for PR. However, if we observe closely and understand what it cannot do vs what it cannot do, you will start seeing AI proof skills emerge. Here are three PR skills on our list that can put you a cut above the rest. And definitely above the AI.

Analytical Thinking: Hone these skills to create several layers of distance from the AI wave. Learn to connect content with the bigger picture.

Analytical thinking is primarily a human skill that AI can’t beat because it involves complex cognitive processes that go beyond mere data processing. While AI can handle vast amounts of data and perform certain analytical tasks with speed and efficiency, it lacks the depth of understanding and contextual interpretation that humans possess. Analytical thinking requires the ability to understand the context in which data is presented. Humans can draw from their knowledge, experience, and intuition to grasp the broader implications of information and make connections between seemingly unrelated data points. AI, on the other hand, operates based on predefined algorithms and lacks the contextual awareness that human intelligence provides.

EQ & IQ: While AI can put in a lot of content out there , adding context with emotional and intelligence is what will set you apart. The interplay of emotions that lead to the understanding of ethical dilemmas , cultural and social context, subjective elements and intuitive insights, quick adaptability and flexibility along with adding context when it comes to decision making will remain with the human mind for the foreseeable future.

Interpersonal Skills: AI can talk but who is it talking to and reading off reactions to react ? It will still be a while before Mr Data learns to be a human. So learn more of this skill to keep the humanity alive within you. In PR understanding the undercurrent in a room is as essential as saying the right things in the right tone. Keep in mind that while AI can process vast amounts of data, it lacks the ability to form genuine connections and relationships. PR professionals, on the other hand, can leverage their networking skills to build valuable contacts within the industry and media landscape. Developing a strategic network not only enables them to access more opportunities for their clients but also fosters mutually beneficial partnerships that an AI would be unable to replicate.

So, what else would you add to this list?

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