To Communicate Well…First Truly Believe!

I Believe…

“Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”


The inability to communicate well is the most crippling hurdle in life. And what a travesty it is, if one is blessed with fully functional faculties of sight, speech, touch and hearing and yet, not able to communicate effectively.

Any individual cannot, ‘not communicate’. In essence, each and every day not only the words, facial expressions, the way one dresses up, the objects one prefers to use over others, the brands one selects… communicates a lot about you. Even one’s silence as a response speaks volumes. Communication is as involuntary a process, as breathing. Human beings are wondrous creatures with their highest goal being manifestation of self (irrespective of the fact whether one is aware of it one not) … all action, unselfconsciously or consciously is propelled by this desire. The ‘self’ manifests in all its colors. It has to. And what is communication, if not the manifestation of self! It is identity, the uniqueness that presents itself through communication.

What is really important to understand here is that ‘absolute‘ honesty is the premise of perfect communication.

Why is the audience floored by speakers/ storytellers who unfold stories that may not have bombastic elements of a blockbuster or the pathos of an absolute tear-jerker or even carefully put together building blocks (which were put together seemingly because it was presumed that you and I wanted to hear it, in that way)?

Logic and rationale sure do their bit, however there is more to it. The audience is floored simply because the truth of the communicator validates the truth present in your and my viscera which is looking for the universal thread of commonality – it flows seamlessly despite its flaws, beauty, imperfections, and astounding godliness…all at once!

It is this cognizance that hits the cord of oneness, a shared experience and establishes the connect. Effective communication requires you to be wary of the external noises – even when they are supportive – they will in all essence, be projecting their agendas, reflecting their own internal wish lists.

Even when you walk alone, or have the crowds cheering you, it is important to have an active ‘anytime hotline‘ with your heart. It will always speak your personal truth and in all solidarity, support what you must communicate.

It’s a delicate balance – a tightrope walk, for you, are unique – yet, you are a part of the whole. You manifest uniquely but you manifest in relation to the other. There must be a genuine reverence for the fact and respect for the gift of presence you receive from the other. Essentially, when you are looking at making inroads to the core of another human being, whether it is as a brands voice, an idea pitch, an appeal of help, an offer to help, an expression of encouragement, championing a cause, offering a deal or simply being heard – belief becomes the cornerstone of communication. Ask yourself…do you really believe in what you are putting forth?

Riding on the tailcoats of emotions can only last so long as the emotion does! A belief is primeval. It stays for good. Talk to it. Talk from it.

If you really want to communicate well, then let your earnestness and the sincerity of your beliefs shine through. Before that, believe in them completely and the former will become a natural process. To truly be a good and effective communicator, remove the layers and let your true self shine.

Abhijita Kulshrestha | Director, Astrologer & Gem Advisor, GemstoneUniverse

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