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What Can You Outsource In PR?

What Can You Outsource In PR?

Yes. PR is a strategic marketing vertical that can help brands become legends. However, it does involve its own fair bit of multitasking that sometimes makes you wish you had 5 clones of yourself who could help you accomplish all the task within the promised deadlines while maintaining the quality of the work. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the work involved in PR there is not much that you can outsource. But time is money. You need to be in the loop of everything but you also do need to free up your time so that you can contribute towards strategy on the accounts that you are working on. Now that’s a catch 22 situation…right? Not really, there are a few things that you can safely outsource without having to compromise any confidentiality clauses in your contracts. Here are a few that can help you get started on reducing the demands on your time, resources and costs as well:

Tracking / Monitoring:
It is not possible to track every media coverage in real time. Hence agencies are hired to do the work whose sole purpose is to track all the keywords that are essential for your clients. And this is because Google alerts just don’t cover it all nowadays! All kinds of tracking including media, online, print, etc can be tracked effectively and becomes a time saver. However, we still very strongly recommend that every morning you read or browse through 4 or five key publications, channels or blogs that are essential to your client by yourself to keep a finger on the pulse of news. The tracking or monitoring will add to it much more.

Vendors/ Affiliates:
This comes in handy when targeting out of town cities and states. This particularly becomes essential when you are unfamiliar with the local territory, media or language. Hiring a local expert who knows the field will add to your PR showcase. Once you hire them you need to trust them to do a fantastic job. Handle the stringer well and the stringer will handle your media well.

You can hire a consultant or an agency who specializes in translations in multiple languages and sign an NDA with them. All your standard press releases to company backgrounders can be shared for translations … at the click of a button…and maybe a phone call too.

Event Management:
While press conferences can be done by PR professionals effortlessly, the actual set up of backdrop and stage is an added favour which takes up a lot of time that can be better utilized on more follow ups for media confirmations. A regular tie up with three different agencies that have different unique specializations or fall under different price brackets will be a huge add on to your service offerings as you can then let an expert handle it and offer the client professional services in the same. Plus, it takes it off your plate!

Coverage Analysis Reports:
While yes you can track the coverage that has come on your client and also the industry they are in, it is next to impossible for one person to keep track of all the information that the competition and their respective spokespersons are garnering and do a real time analysis of share of voice for the segment. Contract and outsource this to a specialized vertical. And no they don’t need to keep any confidentiality clauses in mind. An independent agency will give you a much more realistic view of where the client stands. Once this comes in, you can add your perspective and you will be in a better position to understand, analyse and recommend the best strategy forward for your client.

So start with these and clear up your timetable to get down to the meatier stuff that you actually enjoy doing in PR.

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