Your Ultimate Corporate Photoshoot Guide

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CEOs don’t really have a lot of time or patience for photoshoots. So, when you get the time, make sure you do it right so that you have enough options for atleast the next 12 months. These images are an essential part of the press kit. While you circulate a few of these with the standard press kit, save a few for exclusive stories.

When you select a photographer for the shoot based on his/her past work, you will need to brief them about the kind of shots you want and the vision you have for the photoshoot. Print this blog, stick it on your soft board and follow the guidelines to ensure you have all the shots you need:

These are the different types of shots you will need:


Moods that you need to capture:

Formal Image:  This works well for all official purposes and corporate profiling for financial media 

Candid at-work Images:  The softer business features will love this one along with lifestyle media

Candid Images with the team:  This goes well with all feature stories and social media too!


What you need during the photoshoot:

 Two or three changes:  Formal, semi-casual, and casual

Print:  Don’t wear small print, checks, or thin lines. This causes a blur and can mess up during printing for general media

Ensure adequate lighting:  Get professional lighting or use the golden hour with the best natural light for a well-lit picture

Touch ups:  This is very essential to get that perfect picture.  Hire a professional to get the hair, make up and touch up right. Don’t leave it to chance  

Shoes and nails are essential:  Check and re-check these. Left unattended they can take away from the whole image you are trying to create

Accessories:  Keep it subtle and classy. You can have one piece of jewelry that is a statement piece but doesn’t overpower the whole image. Lean towards using a classic piece so you can use it for a longer time



On Person Branding:  Don’t go nuts with it. You are the brand. You don’t need to decorate every inch of the frame with your brand logo. A tasteful logo pin should do the trick if really necessary.

Brand Colors:  You can choose to wear your brand colors and set it against a neutral or contrasting background.


Repeat after 12 months to always have a fresh stock of images that you can use with the media.

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