5 Bingeworthy content to watch on Journalism!

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What and how does the other side operate. While we all have a sneak peek into it, it is an amazing watch when we actually see our stories and experiences on the screen. These are a few of our favourite series that we recommend you watch if you want a peek behind the curtain. All of them are available on your OTT channels and make you think about the industry we are dealing with every day.

Patal Lok: Gritty and now. It captures your attention from the start. As the story unfolds it makes you question news and all the manufactured rage we see on television news channels today.  

Peepli Live: This political satire will have you in splits and at the same time make you wonder what sells as news. Don’t be surprised if while watching this you start picking out more media trending stories that resonate with the theme.  

Newsroom: This had us hooked on from the first episode. What goes through an editor and producer’s desk? Who is responsible for the ethics of reporting a story? What story makes the news? Every news show struggles with it as they balance ratings and educating their audience on what is the news and what really needs their attention. 

Tere Bin Laden: We dare you not to laugh out loud when you watch this one. A hilarious take on fake news concocted by a reporter and cameraman it will have you in splits every 10 mins.  

The Devil Wears Prada: If you ever worked in fashion you will identify the clues that go with working in the high-profile industry that makes and breaks a fashion brand. The stress that the editorial team goes through themselves is a different category in itself. A must watch for fashion journalism and PR.  

Bonus: The Post – This one is a classic. Inspired by a true story we loved every bit of it. The intriguing watch showcases the risk that each journalist, editor, and publisher takes every time they put out a story. Even when you cross all the ‘t’s’ and dot all the ‘I’s’, it is a gamble everytime. This team takes on one of the most difficult stories of their lives and does it brilliantly. Watch when you want a classic to talk about.

Which one will you watch first?

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