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Creative Writing | An Art to Explore

Creative Writing | An Art to Explore

You don’t need to be an expert to think and write creatively. Creative writing helps you express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a unique style rather than to simply convey information in a standard, regular, and normal (read: boring) manner.  However, it is standard to break the set norms of traditional prose and paragraph in creative writing. Being creative can be difficult but not impossible, it’s also challenging at times, but immensely fun. Creative writing is immensely satisfying once you get the hang of it.

Everyone has a unique style of writing. We just have to find the style and get over the fact that it does not fit into the norms of ‘normal’ writing. Once you do that you will eventually see the floodgates open to your creative juices. You will be amazed by what you come up with if you just take the time to make an attempt. Whether you want to write a short story, a novel, or jot down some poetry, these steps and tips can help you on your way.

Write for yourself | Writing for yourself is important because It allows you to be honest and transparent with yourself. It gives you a chance to communicate your unique message and also releases you from the temptation to entertain others. It can be as direct as you want it to be. Write from the heart. Say what you mean.

Observe | If you’re stuck for ideas and confused over what topic to focus on then carry a notebook everywhere and write down your observations. It will help you build a story. Inspiration can strike anywhere. Today you don’t even need to carry a notebook around. Jot it down in the notes section of your smartphone.

Free Writing | Free writing is a very important aspect of creative writing. This really means that you …just write. Put down everything that comes to your mind without worrying about grammar, punctuation, or structure. Don’t let your pen stop…or rather…don’t stop tapping away at your smartphone keypad. After the last word has been drained from your thought flow, re-read the lines again and go through it for commas and full stops.  Along with your own surprise at having written so much you will, over time, realize that the words flow more smoothly when you begin to write on a certain specific topic.

Linking the Object in front of you | After you are comfortable with the flow of words start focusing the creativity. Write a paragraph or a story on a single topic. Start by taking a single object which is in front of you and then increase the number of objects to the storyline (For Eg: Telephone, Bottle, Book, Pen, etc). Make sure that all the objects which are in front of are covered in the storyline. This activity will help you get in structure to your creative writing and make it more relevant to the readers as well as you.

Identify the differentiation between a character and characterization | It’s very necessary to differentiate between your character and its characterization. It is easy to get confused between trying to defining the character and the characterization of the same. Once you are done with the piece, go over it again and ensure you have segregated both. First talk about the character and the detail of its characteristics.  So don’t think …just get started!

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