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Effective Communication Tips for Entrepreneurs

Effective Communication Tips for Entrepreneurs

A lot of new entrepreneurs are born every day every week, every month and every year. Some succeed and a lot don’t. The funny part is that both, the ones that succeed and the ones that don’t … ‘do’ things. And yes, I know a lot of entrepreneurs who focus a lot only on doing. However, the ones who become successful are not those who just focused on the ‘doing’. They are those who focus on doing things ‘effectively’.

Amit Punjabi | Founder: Sankalp Academy

If you go back in history, you will know that every great successful entrepreneur reached where they are because of doing things effectively. Every entrepreneur ‘does’ things, but an entrepreneur’s focus must be on ‘doing effectively’. And one of the things that they must do effectively is ‘communicate’. An entrepreneur can never be in a position where he or she says I have communicated what I wanted to. They always need to be in a position where they can say I have communicated what I wanted to, effectively. Effective communication means effective meets, effective deals and effective results.

So, here are 3 things you need to focus on to make sure you communicate effectively:

Purely Focus on the Outcome:

Remember, you need to know why you are saying what you are saying and also what is the result that you are looking at achieving from the talk. Because if you aren’t clear on the outcome, you are just talking and not communicating!

Have enough examples:

The most important thing that needs to happen when you are communicating to someone is for them to relate to you. If they don’t relate to you, they don’t connect with you and if they don’t connect with you, there is no way you can achieve any desired result. Identify what will help the opposite person relate to you and connect with you and prepare a talk with relate-able examples based on the outcome you desire.

Always end your conversation with an action step:

A lot of entrepreneurs, even after a good meet, fail in the follow through. The only reason behind this is because they don’t end the conversation with an action step. It is important for you to communicate what you want at the end of a conversation. It could be something you want to do to take things forward or something you want them to do to take things forward. It could be as simple as, “I shall send you a mail by 4:30 and you need to send me an update by 7. And if not 7, by when can you do it?” By putting it like this, you are opening up an opportunity to follow through. Great entrepreneurs are great at follow through and this is why you will need to create an opportunity for yourself to follow through if none presents itself.

‘Effectively’ will be the key defining factor between just ‘saying’ things versus getting them done to create an impact for yourself and your business via effective communication.

Guest Blog Post By Amit Punjabi | Founder, Sankalp Academy
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