Entrepreneurship: 8 Defining Traits

Tarunjeet Rattan

Each vertical of entrepreneurship brings with it its own set of learnings. However, there are a few key defining traits that are common to all. These form the core of every entrepreneur. Read on if you want to travel the entrepreneur path: 

Resilience: Are you willing to get up after the punch? Life will deliver a lot of punches and some will knock the wind right out of you …completely. Situations that you could not control and some that could have been avoided with more experience under your belt. Your courage and strength will be tested every time.

Financial Literacy:  Can you read a balance sheet? Financial illiteracy is one of the key reasons a lot of businesses struggle. You cannot escape by saying that I am not a numbers person. If you are running a business, then you need to have a basic grasp of the numbers. Simplify and mold it into a pattern that you understand because your business needs to show a profit.

Communication: Are you able to get your message across? More often than not miscommunication results into more altercations. Technology has thrown another spanner in the works. More arguments happen over WhatsApp groups and emails than in person. Mastering the art of communication in any form is a leadership trait that will always stand you in good stead.  Your finesse in being able to successfully communicate an idea and get others to buy into it will often mean the difference between success and failure.

Network: Who do you trust? You are known by the company you keep. Is your circle one that inspires you? cheers for you? keeps you grounded? or is it just there?  Choose the people around you with care. Only yes-men or naysayers are demotivating and will not challenge you. While you can have a team that is a mix of personalities, your inner circle must be one that always has your back. As an entrepreneur, you tend to have a single-minded focus on moving ahead that many a time you forget to enjoy the present. Your inner circle needs to be one you trust.

Discipline: Can you juggle all the balls up in the air? The more you grow, the more there are demands on your time. You are your own boss so there is no one to ask you whether the deadline was met. It’s up to you. You need to be to have some form of self-discipline for success to stay with you.

Hustle: Always. This never stops. You will be accused of always talking work. But most entrepreneurs are obsessed with what they do, and you can set the room on fire with the energy they will bring to a conversation around their work. But that’s how it is. Always ready to pitch your business, sometimes without even wanting to, you will always be hustling.

Defining Success: How will you define it? Your definition is the only one that matters. Create your own, live it, and love it. Don’t envy others for their game.  That will only create more stress. The constant tussle between id, ego, and superego is very real. You will go through it every single day.

Adaptability: Do you want to finish familiar? If you do then entrepreneurship might not be for you. Every day you learn, upskill, and pivot to quickly adapt to the changing market needs and thrive. Your survival depends on how quickly you can adapt to the twists and turns of the industry.

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