Five Evergreen Skills for PR!

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While the media landscape changes rapidly across mediums and content, which will require a lot of skills that you will need to unlearn and re-learn. However, there are five skills that will never die out. If you want to stay in the field then focus on these five skills that will always ensure you have a place in the team :

1) Writing: A good writer will always win! Whether it is writing for a blog, campaign, Twitter post, or a Linkedin bio. If you know your way around words…there is always … always … always room for you. You are THE person who can write the right story that will capture hearts.

2) Articulate:  The ability to speak fluently and coherently is an asset. This is the skill that will open doors for you wherever you go. To be able to express an idea in an articulate manner is priceless. No bot can beat you at that. 

3) Researching: How you consume information, where you consume it, and what you make of it is essential when creating strategy. Not enough credit is given to this skill, but it is an essential one…possibly one that can create a massive breakthrough for you. Numbers can be put together in a beautiful way and analysis can be done. But to draw an insight from it that impacts the target audience directly is an art that hasn’t quite been replicated yet.

4) Networking: Who you know, how you know them, and how well you know them is equally essential as curating and nurturing a network that works for you. Every PR professional invests a lot in ‘knowing’ the right circle that is relevant for them and is constantly networking to add /delete from it.

5 ) EQ: Reading the room is an art that Mr.Data could not quite put his finger on. And rightly so. Logic dictates one route but emotion will lead you to another. It takes a person with good EQ ( emotional quotient ) to be able to merge the two. And an enviable skill that is!

What would you add to this list?

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