How to write a press release?

– Team Nucleus PR

A press release is the star of the press kit.

It is an official document from a company, brand or individual that announces or gives information about a noteworthy development. This document answers the 5Ws (What, Where, When, Who, Why) and 1H (how) of the development in a specific widely acceptable format enabling complete information. Primarily created to be shared with media, it enables the journalist to know about the development and pique their interest about the company.

If you were to read only this document, it would give you a good idea on the announcement/ development.


Headline: This has to be crisp and no more than 6-7 words in Font 14. THE most important aspect that you want to communicate should be right up here.

Sub headline: An addition you can use to elaborate a little more on the headline. Avoid using it though as this usually gets missed out. Try and add this information in the first paragraph of your release. 

First Para: This should very specifically state the 5Ws and 1 H as clearly as possible.

Second Para: Use this space to elaborate on details of the announcement.

Third Para: Include a quote from a spokesperson. Leverage this quote to give more information about the anecdote, empirical data or add emotion to the release.

Fourth Para: Add a quote from a party that is relevant to the announcement. If this is not available then round it off with more details on the development.

Fifth Para: If the second quote is added then use the last para to add round up the release.

Boiler Plate: A small note of 5-6 lines that talk about the company’s origins, founders, investment, key products/ services, availability and expansion.

Last: Add your contact details. An email id and phone number along with your name should be good.


  • Keep this under 2 pages on an A4 sheet, Normal margins, Font seize 12, Preferred Font: Times New Roman, single spaced.
  • Don’t add more than two quotes.
  • Don’t jargonize or use complicated words or local/industry slangs. 
  • Don’t make the release very verbose. Be as crisp as possible. Any additional explanations can be shared as a separate document as part of the press kit.
  • Keep the style and tonality constant throughout the release.

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