Managing PR in Covid

Tarunjeet Rattan

We all thought 2020 was the worst year ever. Till 2021.

As the second wave of Covid hits us with more severity spilling over into our own family lives, media friends and brand partners, it has thrown all our lives into another tailspin. As we wrestle with the pandemic impact, managing personal and professional lives is becoming increasingly tough. The pressures of the job from the brand world are immense as well as is the push back from the media world. Caught in the midst – as usual- is the PR & communication industry. I have put together three top rules that I follow to evaluate the response and attention it needs from me. If you are in public relations, communication, or brand marketing, these will work for you too and help your brand reputation survive the second wave: 

  • Be Relevant: If it is not aiding the fight against the covid pandemic then defer the activity or announcement. Do not be tone deaf.  That’s a sure purpose way of killing your brand.
  • Re-purpose: Look for ways to create aid for the community. Repurpose existing service or product offerings to help. If you cannot do it yourself, aid those who are helping out.   
  • Be Kind: To your teams, to your partners and to your media friends. If you can help someone in the fraternity do that without expectations. Use your brand channels and numbers to connect and help people. The goodness credits will come back to you. 
  • Be Empathetic: The whole country is struggling with the situation. Last year the teams went over and above to support you. This year extend understanding to all of them. Fatigue will set in, burnout will happen and exhaustion will take over. Fight for them and look after them. Kindness and empathy begins at home.

All the goodwill will find its way back to you.

P.S: We are indeed lucky to have a set of brands that we work with who are very mindful about the current situation and are jumping in to help with what they can. Touchwood.❤️

What would you add to this ? 

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