Nucleus PR: International Women's Day

Throughout my career, have been thinking, why is the PR industry flooded with women? I mean I have had male colleagues too, but the industry has primarily been dominated by women. Over the last few months of juggling WFH and the household alongside, I think I have managed to find myself an answer. The PR industry does demand us to be collaborative, participative, multi-tasking, and pro-social. In the last one year of the pandemic, women across the world have realized their ability to multi-task and collaborate more than ever. At the time of a global crisis, when communication did take a front seat for most organizations, Women in PR not only have performed themselves at work, but juggled their home with ease. – Khushboo Alag

I feel Public relations + Women = Perfect Marriage. The field is dominated by women because in PR you need to listen to and empathize with their clients, work well in teams, and be fierce advocates for their clients. These skills are a natural fit for women. These are also skills that make good managers and strong leaders. Hence we ROCK the industry and will keep doing so. – Chaittali Dave

I must say women are stronger than men – they don’t just say ‘I can and I will’ in all situations but also make good on their word. I am yet to meet a woman in PR who has backed down from a challenge. The ability to think on their feet and solve the problem with resourceful ideas are a joy to work alongside. Wishing all the women a Happy women’s Day …everyday. – Vinod Reddy

Every pitch, press release, and communication is all about telling a story! These are the qualities inherent in women to execute them seamlessly coupled with smart intellect to filter that information into amazing stories out there for you. – Michelle Khiangte

Women are innately resourceful, resilient, and determined. PR as a profession requires all this along with resourcefulness and strong will power to turn things around. Add the two together and you have a winning combination that will always work in your favour. Women in PR are a force to reckon with and it is heartwarming to see how they have come together as a community and encourage the spirit of camaraderie and push boundaries for the entire workforce. Let’s continue to do that every single day for all of us. – Tarunjeet Rattan

A woman in any position can inspire and support other women in the organisation and help create a strong base for more to join them. The majority in PR is female and we need to work towards making more of us stay and reach the top. My advice to all the women in PR is that find a way to be in the profession you love and raise the bar for yourself and others in the process. – Ishita Shah

A woman’s inherent skill to multitask and ability to handles multiple crises with ease is what empowers her to be a PR Rockstar! – Akhila Ranganna

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