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PR Entrepreneurship : 10 lesser-known truths

PR Entrepreneurship : 10 lesser-known truths

– Tarunjeet Rattan,

Managing Partner,  Nucleus PR

The PR industry loves an entrepreneurial mindset and better yet another entrepreneur who will bring a different energy to the mix. However, before you do there are a few things you need to know about what it will be like. Don’t go by only the glamour and glitz portrayed, it takes a lot of hard work to stay in the business and keep charting a growth path. Here are 10 of the lesser-known truths you need to know about before deciding if this is for you.

  • Chief Everything Officer: The buck stops with you. Whether it is a proposal, report, outcome or a leaky tap or a broken fan. You are responsible for everything that goes on in your organisation. If it is not a direct responsibility then it is a moral obligation that you need to fulfil by going over and beyond.
  • Chief Hustle Officer: That’s you. Business growth in-charge and rainmaker all rolled into one. 24 X 7.
  • Brand Love Champion: No one will care about your business as much as you. From client servicing to new developments to creating the right environment for the team…it will be led by your vision.
  • Learning to say NO: The most difficult part about growing is to say no to the paths that don’t lead to your growth but could mean quick and easy money along with a dilution of your core values.
  • Team Growth: Motivating, upskilling and nurturing team members to become leaders is a personal mentorship task that will require a fine balance of patience and tough love. Not an easy feat.
  • Awards and public acknowledgement: They make the journey sweeter but there is a lot that goes in before you actually win one.
  • Finding moments of joy: Create your own moments of joy to pursue what you love. It could be reading or going to the beach. You will learn to weave it into your professional life. Your moments of happiness will be your responsibility because every other moment else will belong to your business.
  • Company Growth: If you keep doing what you are doing, you will rise up to a certain level till the industry does an upside-down swing and you miss. You will learn to keep an eye out for future and new trends, push yourself, burn the midnight oil and upskill and take it in towards a new direction.
  • Be a student: Try something for the first time and allow yourself to fail. Only when you try something new will you understand that there is more to the growth journey. Learn to be ok with the fact that you don’t know everything and laugh a little at yourself. It will make the journey more fun.
  • Letting go: Whether it is good or bad clients, brand collaborations or team members. Not everyone is meant to stay with you forever. Learning to let go is the biggest and toughest thing that you will learn to do. Learning to let go and allowing things to pass with grace and elegance is a different class altogether.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

About Nucleus PR

The 13-year old firm has clients across multiple verticals. With an already established presence in 4 major metros, they have successfully created a strong affiliate network across 88 towns across the country via a team of trusted professional experts. With its inclusion in the exclusive and prestigious worldwide collaborative network of PR firms – PRBI Boutiques International, it adds brilliant minds from over 40 agencies across 14 countries to their resource pool. As the first members from the Asian sub-continent, they represent the entire region in the prestigious international PR network. Their current portfolio includes entertainment, lifestyle, media, hospitality and corporate clients across MNCs, SMEs, and Startups.


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