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Social media hacks for Media Relations

Social media hacks for Media Relations

Nucleus PR

Media relations is an art. A decade or two ago, creating the journalist profile for the briefing docket was a tough task. Collecting information on them meant speaking to several seniors who might or might not know them. The information might or might not be true based on their perception of the interaction with the journalist. And God forbid if the person turned out to be completely opposite to your briefing profile. Today, with social media in play, this task has become a lot easier. Journalists are willing to share information about themselves and talk about their own opinions without a PR person seeking an appointment and / or trying to vie for their attention to know more about them. However, this is just information. How do you make sense out of it? What do you pick and what do you leave out? How can it be made more relevant for your client briefing? Here are our top hacks that you can use to understand what to include in your media briefing docket from a social media search:

  • #Hack1: Be Responsible: First and foremost, while every social media platform allows a public profile there are others that allow you to take a peek into their inner circle. This is akin to them sharing their cell number with you. If you are a part of the inner circle, is a privilege. Do not abuse it for unnecessary brownie points with your client.
  • #Hack2: Social Media Is Gold: A quick check on their LinkedIn profile and twitter chat history will give you a quick idea about their preferences and topics of conversations. Infer, pick and choose what is relevant to your client. Do go a step further to dive into a niche if it resonates with your client. Eg., if your clients are in lifestyle, travel or food then take a quick peek at the Instagram handle, trip advisor or google reviews that the journalist has done. It helps to go the extra mile.
  • #Hack3: Personal Touch: While a large part of the information might be correct, journalists are notorious for not updating their profiles. Cross check your information with someone in your circle who knows them and has interacted with them in the past. It helps to add that personal touch on the finer nuances of the personality of the individual.
  • #Hack4: Engage: If you are a part of their circle, network and/or inner circle, engage with them. No one likes that person who in their group who only reaches out when they need a favour. Like, comment and share …have a debate ! Great way to create engagement without actually having to meet. And in todays covid times…how easy is that !

While this list will continue to evolve, what would you add to this list?

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