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Three reasons why PR will not work for you 

Three reasons why PR will not work for you 

Nucleus PR

Just because you know about PR, does not mean you are ready for it. While you can get started on it from Day 1, it is not always a good idea to start if you are not ready for it. We pick out the top three reasons when PR might not work for  you:

  1. It may not be the right time for PR – if you’re a new business, you may need to focus on building your brand and establishing yourself in the market before seeking out PR.
  2. You may not have the resources – PR can be expensive and time-consuming, so if you don’t have the budget or personnel to manage a PR campaign, it might not be the best option for you.
  3. You may not have a message that resonates – if your message isn’t something that the public will be interested in, it won’t be effective. Make sure you have something that people will care about and want to hear before considering PR.

Make sure you meet the above criteria before you take up PR for your brand so that you hit the ground running when you dip your toes in it.

Drop us a mail at info@nucleuspr.in and schedule an appointment with us to do a PR audit to understand whether you are ready to start your journey in PR.

About Nucleus PR

The 13-year old firm has clients across multiple verticals. With an already established presence in 4 major metros, they have successfully created a strong affiliate network across 88 towns across the country via a team of trusted professional experts. With its inclusion in the exclusive and prestigious worldwide collaborative network of PR firms – PRBI Boutiques International, it adds brilliant minds from over 40 agencies across 14 countries to their resource pool. As the first members from the Asian sub-continent, they represent the entire region in the prestigious international PR network. Their current portfolio includes entertainment, lifestyle, media, hospitality and corporate clients across MNCs, SMEs, and Startups.

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