10 tips to make your next webinar a super success

Tarunjeet Rattan

Webinars are the rage right now but pulling off a successful one is another task altogether. After having participated and hosted a fair number of webinars, here are our 10 best tips that you can leverage to pull off a super successful one:

1. Camera Frame: Ask your participants to set up an area in their office/home/study with a background that is not too cluttered. Whether they are using a laptop or a phone, the camera needs to be at eye level. This prevents an uncomfortable top-down or bottom-up view. Advise them to look straight at the camera.

2. Lights: Lighting is very important. Your participants to sit in a lighted area where the light is in front of them and not behind them.

3. Background Noise: Minimum background noises and interruptions would be ideal. Help your participants understand that the audience would be there to listen to them and that their time is as valuable as the speaker and we need to respect that.

4. Dress for it: Dress for the camera. Share a few do’s and don’ts that you would ideally share with a client for media briefing before a TV interview. The same rule applies.

5. Do a dry run: Get everyone on call 15 minutes before and get them to speak to each other, work out all the tech glitches, and adjust the frame and lighting.

6. Content: Advice your webinar participants to share real and relatable information peppered with real-life examples. Reading from notes and delving into a long statistic filled monologue will have people logging off.

7. Tonality & Diction: Speaking clearly is essential as is the voice variation when it is your turn to speak.

8. Body Language: It is important that you educate your participants on maintaining good body language during a webinar. It is visual and your expressions while you talk as well as when the other speakers are addressing a point are very visible. So, school your expressions in the desired manner. You can also make use of your hands while stressing a point, but it is not necessary for you to try and use every corner of the frame during an answer.

9. Moderation:

  • If you have a volatile topic with a healthy division of pro and against then you just have to play the devil’s advocate – subtly!
  • If you have a topic where just about everyone agrees with it, it is a good idea to divide the questions among your guests and get each one to answer a different one. Throw a few controversial questions to it that will communicate the passion the speaker has for the subject.  
  • End the conversation with a thank you note to all participants and viewers.  
  • Always take a few questions from the audience. It makes them feel included. 

10. Social Media Amplification: Encourage the participants to answer the Qs and interact with the audience on the social media platform you are going live on or posting or hosting the webinar on. Make a pre, event, and post-event plan for social media amplification. This will encourage the participants and get them excited about the webinar along with their followers. It will also give you access to new sets of audiences and encourage the next set of participants to join in for the next webinar. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started. 

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