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Digital Trends Every PR Pro Must Know About !

Digital Trends Every PR Pro Must Know About !

Evolution is the key to any profession. With time, professionals have to modify themselves, learn new skills and add to their knowledge bank to meet the changing demands of their profession. This is all the more true for the field of Public Relations. This field requires us to learn and adapt not yearly but on a monthly or weekly basis.

I joined the profession, a year back and it has been a revelation for me. Having had only digital experience in the past, the exposure to different genres of communication was interesting. However, I do believe that PR is moving towards the digital era at a much faster pace than most to keep up with the voracious appetite of its growing younger target audience. Having saddled both fields for some time, I have identified a few key trends that the PR industry as a whole should expect in the coming year. Here is a list. Lets get started on this. If you haven’t already.

Web Analytics:

The traditional ways of measuring the impact of your PR campaigns look ancient in comparison to the ever evolving digital landscape. Measuring the impact of PR campaigns has continued to evolve in the last couple of years with several web analytical tools that are available in the market today. These will accurately measure the engagement, reach and results of your PR efforts. This will allow PR professionals to better analyze where and how to invest their time, effort and money. Look for the analytical tool that is best suited to the vertical you service and sign up.

PR needs to add a strong digital element in their strategy

Influencer Marketing:

This has seen a lot of upgrades and has gone through a lot of changes to come to a very interesting stage today. It is still evolving everyday.

It uses the traditional ‘word of mouth’ marketing and binds it together with multiple strands of technology. Using the voices of key leaders instead of several smaller ones to drive your brand’s message to the larger market is a strategy that appeals to all clients. Rather than marketing directly to a larger group of consumers which takes a lot of effort, time and money again. Infact, isn’t this what traditional PR anyways does with the use of the current mediums of communication at their disposal ? To me, it makes perfect and logical sense that the PR field should be the first one to understand, adopt and perfect this method. So get on it.

Social Media Marketing:

If I have to do a quick survey of my friends from across the globe then my friends from India will win the battle hands down of sharing the most content in an hour on their social media profiles. Be it images, status messages or videos. Let me put it this way…if it was an Olympic sport, we would be the reigning champions. The primary aim of all digital media social platforms is to connect people. With the active participation of the users this is now happening in seconds. The pace of communication has changed drastically. Whether we like it or not … Facebook news, updates, tweets and posts are becoming a faster way of communicating breaking news and managing it. Most media houses in India now have a twitter handle that they use to communicate quick messages and are quite active on it. So next time you look at breaking news, also consider having a digital strategy that involves traditional and new age media along with twitter handles too. About time.

The Traditional Press Release Is Extinct:

The age of the standard press release that had ‘one-format-fits-all’ stamped all over it…is no more. You are wasting your resources if you are still writing and distributing the traditional press releases to all mediums of communication and following up with them to cover your news. Your press release format needs to undergo a change that is suited to the medium that you are tapping. The length, content, tonality and context of the press release along with accompanying infographics, graphs and original images all play a role in deciding whether the information you send is appealing enough to the media outlet you are targeting. So customize and jazz it up.

Anuj Bhinde
Nucleus PR

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