WFH: 5 practical tips to help you stay sane during the lockdown

Tarunjeet Rattan

Working from home can be stressful and you can lose sense of time and boundaries. With the lack of any physical demarcation between work and home both tend to flow into each other leaving you overwhelmed and quite unmotivated to do either. If you are beginning to grapple with both and are wondering how WFH seems easier for everyone and they seem to be pursuing hobbies while you seem to be piling up chores on both ends, then this is a must read for you.

Office vs Home: Define a space in your home that you consider a workspace and ‘open and close’ office during regular work hours. If you want to define office timings to a more convenient duration to factor in your newfound household chores, then ensure your clients or team knows. It would help them as well to schedule their calls with you and you can ensure both don’t spill over each other. However, ‘close’ the office posts the designated hours. Put your hands up and step away from the space.

Set a routine: Plan your day like you would have normally done. Prioritize things you need to during both office and home hours. Setting a routine is essential especially if you are facing the lockdown alone. It gives you a sense of order and direction.

Hang out: Set time to catch up with friends and family around the world. They would also be worried about you. Schedule a time to return and make calls to your loved ones. Video calls are a lifesaver. Talking about your day or discussing events and people will help you alleviate a lot of your fears.

Me time: You would have heard so much about people doing these mind-boggling things as a way of a hobby during the lockdown. Remember most of them are images/videos only for social media. Don’t stress yourself out by worrying about the need to create a hobby. Spend time with yourself. Do Yoga, Exercise, Sing, Dance or throw your arms up in the air and just jump around.  Do some physical exercise that will work up a sweat.

Nothing time: Take the time to do just about nothing. Stand out in your balcony. Look out of the window. Stare at your potted plants. Just be. Enjoy this time without judging yourself.

Limit your media time:  If you are in the media industry like us, then the temptation to be always ‘on’ the job is huge. If you can, limit your TV / Newspaper/ Social media time for your own peace of mind. If your job demands it of you then make sure your team makes a relay race out of it so that everyone can cap off the gush of news inflow in the lockdown.

If you can do all the above, then great! If you can adopt some of them, that’s also great. If you can do none of them for a few days, that’s also fine. You and only you can decide if your routine works for you. Don’t allow social media or anyone else to pressurize you into what they think you should be doing in a lockdown. Because no one knows. It’s a brave new world. Define your own rules and enjoy them.

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